• Inspiration

    Knowing Satya is a gift and an inspiration. She has an amazing drive that is balanced in love...
    Emily Hoda Massage Therapist
  • Essential

    Energy Shift Yoga has become an essential part of my health ritual. The results from one session with Ariel lasts for days creating more energy, flexibility and joy in my life.
    Dr. Larry Silverstein
    Northern Lights Chiropractic
  • Enhancing my life

    ES Yoga is enhancing my life... I recommend it to everyone no matter what their age or rigidity.
    Susanne Engle
  • Relaxes my body

    ES Yoga relaxes my body. The breathing and meditation calm my mind and spirit. I truly believe ES Yoga is an everlasting gift.
    Jamie M. Aldrich
    Computer Systems Administrator
  • Accessible and Challenging

    They both have a deep knowledge of yoga and energy work, and they approach their practice in an accessible and challenging way.
    Christian Linsey
    Web Designer
  • Knowledgeable

    Ariel is an extremely knowledgeable and unique individual. He is a wonderful person to listen to and learn from. I encourage you to meet and work with Ariel if you have the chance
    Cara Monaco
    Massage Therapist
  • Melts away the stress

    Working long hours under a consistently tight schedule takes its toll on both the body and mind. Nothing melts away the stress like a massage from Satya.
    Andrew Cassano
    Software Engineer
  • Amazing Massage Therapist

    A few minutes of chair massage was all it took to know I didn't need to look any further! Satya is an amazing massage therapist and a beautiful spirit as well!
    Dorothy T.
    Web Designer
  • A Healer

    Satya is more than a massage therapist—she's a healer!! . . .After a massage with Satya, the aches and pain are gone.
    Helen T.
  • Comfortable

    As a brand new student to yoga, Satya's comfortable, encouraging teaching style really appealed to me. She provided gentle corrections and . . . I was able to push a little more.
    Cara Monaco
    Massage Therapist


Energy Shift Meditation Classes

All classes at libraries and physical locations have been cancelled due to the coronavirus.   I will be starting a live online class soon please check back or sign up for our news letter to be notified when our online meditation and yoga classes start.

We have currently left Carle Place New York and are currently in the Catskill mountains in upstate new york where I will be brodcasting a live classes soon.  We have moved to a cottage which is off grid and I am in the process of setting eveything up, we moved in the end of March and today I finally have enough time and power to update this web page.


***Listen to some of our recorded guided meditation classes online.***

Manifestation Meditation 



 Energy Shift Yoga Classes 8 week series

coming soon



Yoga Class Series Description

Experience an organic approach to wellness that uses simple gentle yoga postures combined with deep breathing to release stress energy and promote a relaxed state of mind and body.  This series is appropriate for beginners and students of all levels interested in learning the subtle energy aspects of yoga, and the mind, body, energy connection. Experience, increased flexibility, increased energy, emotional stress relief, physical stress relief, weight loss, inner peace and achieve a greater self awareness. Learn to experience and honor your unique Yoga Body and live a life of wellness.



      Start your own yoga class, a private or with up to 10 friends for $90 dollars.  Classes in gentle yoga, yoga for energy, meditation, beginner yoga series, energy work, labyrinths, etc... daily, weekly, monthly or one time classes available.  Contact Us




 Energy Shift Yoga & Wellness is dedicated to promoting body, mind and energy techniques which results in a state of relaxation. Our mission is to share our experiences which contribute to a healthy and happy body, mind, breath, and energy field. We offer a variety of health promoting yoga classes, such as morning yoga, guided meditation, gentle yoga, restorative yoga, breath work, pranayama, stress relief yoga, yoga for energy, and yoga flow. In addition to variety of wellness services such as, therapeutic massage, Reiki, energy healing, Thai massage, herbal supplements counseling, labyrinth building, and private yoga lessons. Our yoga classes and healing services are appropriate for beginners and students of all levels interested in learning the subtle energy aspects of yoga, and the mind body energy connection. Experience, increased flexibility, increased energy, emotional stress relief, physical stress relief, weight loss, inner peace and achieve a greater self awareness. Learn to experience and honor your Yoga Body and live a life of wellness.

Planting the Seeds of Good Health Today

for a Life Time of Wellness & a Healthy Harvest.




Awakening & Exercising your YOGA BODY


It does not matter what size or shape you are in, the fact is we all have a Yoga Body. Awaken your YOGA BODY.


We take time to exercise our physical body when we go to the gym. We exercise our mental body in school or by learning new things. We take time to exercise our financial body by going to work every day. When we exercise any aspect of our body or life we bring more of that which we focus on and practice or exercise, into our life. If you want more money work more, if you want more muscles go to the gym more, and if you want to learn or know more go to school or read more. Therefore if you would like better health, happiness, and peace of mind exercise your YOGA BODY.


When your YOGA BODY has awakened you feel healthy, happy, energized, peaceful and at ease. The mind feels centered, minimal to no internal mental chatter, your emotional body is calm and you feel a sense of peace and lightness all around.


The idea behind exercising your Yoga Body is different from what you may normally consider exercising such as in a gym environment. In a gym setting we workout to lose weight or gain muscle mass, our intention is very specific. The workouts in a gym environment are tough, extraneous, and challenging. You push yourself to the limits and sometimes that’s to much, and you find yourself exhausted, and physically overly stressed.


When you exercise your Yoga Body your intention is different then from going to the gym. It is a mind, body, energy and feelings approach. The Yoga Body is made up of, and is the unity or integration of, the physical body, emotional body, mental body, and the energy body. Therefore with yoga we exercise and unify all of these aspects of our physical body.


Exercising your Yoga Body stimulates all aspects of the physical body just enough so that the body will respond in a health promoting fashion, activating your immune system, stimulating your metabolism, energizing your heart, etc... For example when we focus on a deep yogic breath, our blood fills with more oxygen, and we release more toxins through our full exhalations. As this happens our blood becomes more alkaline. When our blood becomes alkaline our cells are happy, healthy, and the body rebuilds and repairs itself. So with this simple yogic exercise we feel better, we don’t worry about health issues, and your YOGA BODY awakens.



Creating A Healthy Yoga Habit In 21 Days


One of the biggest challenges of starting something new is continuing it. Therefore the key to continuing a healthy practice such as yoga is getting into the habit of doing yoga. So to help students introduce yoga into there busy life, and develop the healthy habit of doing yoga. The more you attend and practice the quicker your habit for doing yoga will form.


We form good & bad habits all the time some consciously but many unconsciously. Science has discovered that it takes about 21 days to form a habit, good or bad. Good habits take time and effort to cultivate, at least 21 days of constant practice and focus. Try to commit to a simple yoga practice for 21 days, take advantage of our yoga services and products to help you create a good yoga habit.  Schedule a yoga private to get you started and get a manifestation wristband as a constant reminder of your commitment and yoga habit goal.



Setting Your Goal to Create a Yoga Habit of Wellness

The next biggest challenges of starting something new is finding the time and space to create a habit. Yoga can be practiced anywhere in any space, at home or work, etc...  We are all very busy everyday and have many responsibilities and habits throughout our day. Starting something new is all about creating the space and time within your busy schedule. Setting a goal to introduce yoga into your life is a good start. Set your goals and always keep your goals in mind, your goal: for the next 21 days, practice as much yoga as possible, to create the habit and successfully introduce yoga into your life. Prioritize your time if something is important enough set some time aside. Your yoga time can be short or long depending on your time available, your yoga practice can be as simple as long deep breathing or physical postures and movements.  The important thing is to start and keep the momentum going.


A yoga practice is an investment in your future health and quality of life. Your yoga practice is your health insurance. It insures a healthy future. Stress energy and negative thinking is what holds us back, as we release this stress energy, we gain more energy for other aspects of our life. The more you practice yoga the easier it becomes. Practicing yoga will produce more energy, happiness and healthiness in your life. Once we get started it becomes easier each time then soon it becomes a good habit, you can feel and experience the difference in wellness and health. We look forward to guiding you, and witnessing your transformation.



Ariel and Satya

We believe the human body is sacred. 
Our mission is to share our experiences which promote
a healthy and happy body, mind, breath, and energy field.


Take a deep breath …
Exhale, focus inward and witness your inner space.
Inhale slowly, deeply, pause …
Exhale slowly, completely, pause …. 
Find your center, your inner self, your neutral point…
And now Begin!



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