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We are now offering online services and classes, available at your convince in the privacy of your own space anywhere via video chat.

Kundalini Yoga

Stimulating Active Movements and Rhythmic Breath

Guided Meditation

Discover and Experience Your Inward/Neutral Space

40 Day Reset

40 Days to Crystailzation release old habits and program new ones.

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Life Coaching

Learning to See Beyond False Duties

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Herbal Supplements

Herbal alternatives for Wellness

Energy Work

Processing and removal of negative energy. Resetting and Charging of the Energy Body.

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Leave those issues behind

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Pass Life Regression

Who? Where? When? Why?

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Future Life Progression

Where Am I Going?

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Prep Chat

Need a positive affirming talk?

Stress Management

Tools and Techniques to be clear and focused

Quantum Energy Shift

Removal of Energy Parasites. Energetically and Physically.

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Energy Shift Yoga & Wellness

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Energy Shift Yoga & Wellness

Start a better life today

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Years of Experience

Teaching Yoga and Energy Work since 1996. Therapeutic Massage since 2000.

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Happy Clients

Every day people, professional, laborers, teachers, students, Engineers, Scientists,…men and women

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Programs & Training's

Kundalini yoga, Hatha and Restorative yoga, PIlates, Reiki, Merkaba, Therapeutic Massage, Thia Massage, Sacred Geometry, Crystal Energy,  Energy Work, Breath Work, Psychic Awakening 

Benefits of Yoga​

Energy Shift Yoga & Wellness is excellent for anyone interested in the benefits of:
– Releasing Stress
– Increasing Energy
– Stretching
– Strengthening & Toning
– Self Awareness
– Meditation
– Remaining Youthful, wieght loss & regeneration 
– Healing: Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally

Thoughts From Our Clients

"ES Yoga is enhancing my life... I recommend it to everyone no matter what their age or rigidity."  
Susanne Engle
Professional Artist
"Energy Shift Yoga has become an essential part of my health ritual. The results from one session with Ariel lasts for days creating more energy, flexibility and joy in my life."
Larry Silverstein
ES Yoga relaxes my body. The breathing and meditation calm my mind and spirit. I truly believe ES Yoga is an everlasting gift"
Jamie M. Aldrich
Computer Administrator

“Planting the Seeds of Good Health Today
for a Life Time of Wellness & a Healthy Harvest…”

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