The Inner Voice Of Stress

Are You What You Think?

The Shadow Mind?

We all have experience an inner negative voice to some degree, that sudden strange thougth that comes to mind, followed by “were did that come from?”  That negative monkey mind, nagging voice.  That subtle negative mental push, by a mind parasite needing to stimulate YOU to release loosh or negative energy and hormons, this parasite goes by many names, satan, Jin, archons, demons, devil, snakes, dragons….  it is a parasite both physical and energetic.   I call it HU.  And it will drive you crazy if you let it.  The 4 videos all describe this negative flavored entity.  

Sound Familiar... Is It You or HU?

Inner Voice

'"I hate myself", " I am so ugly", "I feel so drained", " I am so stupid", " I want to die", "I should just .....". all negative that you?

All Alone

Constantly fighting with your spouse or someone? You make up settle the issues then next day it starts again but with a little different flavor but basically the same. And so you and your husband, friend, coworker etc... continue to argue, fighting and always getting worst....

No Energy

Feel drained? Tired? Constantly sick? Can not heal or get better? Constantly saying the wrong thing? Always asking yourself "why did I do that?"...." why did I say that?"

Another simple way to release stress is with 528 Hz and 432 Hz frequency music or just the pure tone.  The below video is an example of 432 hz with music.

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Center Your Mind

Find your Neutral Space 

Draw a Labyrinth

Find Your Path to Your Center, to your sacred space where no HU can follow…

Learn to Draw a Labyrinth

A simple tool to help release stress energy.  Draw it small and follow it with a pen 😉

Tuning Forks

528Hz & 432 Hz are great tools for helping us with centering.  Available at eBay or Amazon

Free Yourself

HU is a parasite energetic and physical.  It is not of this realm therefore it must stimulate and feed off of a host, YOU.  As the host You are of this realm, creator (God) will support you.  HU and society (governments) teach us to draw or extract energy from each other through pain, fighting, arguing, thats the only choice that any parasite has, but we (man) can connect directly to source and receive energy all day long, no need for man to fight.

Get Started End the Madness

There are other tools and techniques to silence and eliminate the voices.  Contact us today for a free 15 minute interview for more information and to learn your options.  The biggest challenge is not knowing, and identifying and thinking that the negative voices are you.

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