Rates For In-Home Private Services

Herbal Supplements Consultation



Yoga Level 1



Basic Breath, Chair Yoga, Guided Meditation



Yoga Level 2



Breath II, Gentle Yoga, Yoga For Energy



Yoga Level 3



Breath III, Power Yoga, Vinyasa



Energy Healing



Reiki, Sacred Geometry, Labyrinth



In Home Therapeutic Massage



60 Minutes Table Massage



120 Minutes Table Massage



Floor Mat Shiatsu


Order Mindfull Wristband

Order your Manifestation Wristband below via Paypal. Five colors available: Black, Blue Black, Green Black, Blue Green and Violet. All wristbands come with the following gold yellow lettering, “I SEE I FEEL I BELIEVE” . Please note, the picture colors may be slightly different due to screen settings on your pc or picture quality.iseefeelbel3


  Manifestation Wristbands  

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