"I have known Satya for many years and have been so blessed to receive her kind and loving services. Not only is she compassionate to others she is compassionate about her purpose in life to heal others through yoga and massage. Her love truly shines through her hands during massages. I feel like my body and heart have been healed after she works on me. I feel rested and recharged, ready to take on the world. During her yoga classes she is inspiring and intuitive, she is able to read the level of the class and work with each individual student where their at. During class she pays special attention offering amazing physical adjustments as well as powerful encouragement. Knowing Satya is a gift and an inspiration. She has an amazing drive that is balanced in love and her ability to be present and care about me goes beyond her services. I feel so honored to be in her presence and when ever I travel back to the East coast I always make sure to see her and recharge by her magnetic light!"  Emily Hoda, Massage Therapist / Yoga Instructor

"Energy Shift Yoga has become an essential part of my health ritual. The results from one session with Ariel lasts for days creating more energy, flexibility and joy in my life." Dr. Larry Silverstein, Northern Lights Chiropractic.

"ES Yoga is enhancing my life... I recommend it to everyone no matter what their age or rigidity." Susanne Engle,  Artist.

"ES Yoga relaxes my body. The breathing and meditation calm my mind and spirit. I truly believe ES Yoga is an everlasting gift" Jamie M. Aldrich, Computer Systems Administrator, New York Air Brake Corp.

"A positive way to turn inward, release the week's events, & get a good stretch." Bill McCurdy, Sr. Design Engineer, New York Air Brake Corp.


"I've attended many sweat lodges with Satya and Ariel, and also participated in their yoga classes. I've always felt refreshed and energized afterwards, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Satya and Ariel are dedicated, personable, and inspiring to work with. They both have a deep knowledge of yoga and energy work, and they approach their practice in an accessible and challenging way."   Christian Linsey, Web Designer


"Satya has given me full body massages that have not only made me feel wonderful but have awakened stifled emotions inside of me. Her healing touch and not only thoughtful but experienced ways allow me to relax knowing I can trust this person’s loving hands.  She also is somehow aware of the areas I have had trouble with even without me telling her and I have always felt great after her massage.

My 91 year old mom has had neck massages from her periodically and will tell me how amazing it is she can turn her neck with no pain because Satya had been there and given her a massage. I love her!"    Ann Cassano, Fund Administrator, Fund for Public Schools, Inc.


"My husband and I first met Ariel at a sweat lodge that he was leading.  As city folk who had never done anything like this, we were a little intimidated by such a foreign experience--  strangers in a small hut, sweating in the dark?  After meeting Ariel and listening to his introduction I immediately felt better.  His calm, easy-going nature conveyed how in control of the situation he was-- we knew we were about to begin a safe, nurturing and invigorating experience and that we were in great hands.  Four hot rounds later and we were hooked.  Ariel is an extremely knowledgeable and unique individual.  He is a wonderful person to listen to and learn from.  I encourage you to meet and work with Ariel if you have the chance--  we all should be so lucky."  Cara Monaco, Massage Therapist


"Working long hours under a consistently tight schedule takes its toll on both the body and mind. Nothing melts away the stress like a massage from Satya."--Andrew Cassano, Software Engineer


"I first started taking yoga with Satya several years ago.  As a brand new student to yoga, Satya's comfortable, encouraging teaching style really appealed to me.  She provided gentle corrections and intuitively knew when I was able to push a little more.  I have seen her easily accommodate all different levels of skill without making any one student feel that their practice wasn't good enough.  I credit her yoga instruction as an eye-opening experience that has since led me to pursue a more serious, transformative practice.  Had I not begun doing yoga with Satya, I don't think that would have happened.  Thank you Satya!"   Cara Monaco, Massage Therapist


"Ariel's sweatlodge was an amazing experience, it was the perfect way to "let go".  I also love my weekly massage from Satya and look forward to practicing yoga at Energy Shift." Stephanie Denardis, Pilates Instructor/Massage Therapist


With Satya and Ariel, you will achieve an Energy Shift to wellness!! :)
I first met Satya when she was offering chair massages at a local health & vitaman store. An avid believer in the benefits of massage, I had actually been looking for someone local who would be as effective as my previous massage therapist, who had retired. A few minutes of chair massage was all it took to know I didn't need to look any further!  Satya is an amazing massage therapist and a beautiful spirit as well! Many massage therapists simply go through the motions, using the techniques they learned in school. Satya tunes in to my body and works with it to encourage healing. She channels positive energy while working out the knots. After a massage with Satya, my body says "yeahhhh" and I feel open energetically.  In addition to massage, I have also had one-on-one yoga instruction with Satya. When I first started, I had no strength in my left arm as a result of a car accident 15 years earlier. I had gone for physical therapy, which did nothing for me, and then massage therapy, which only
brought me temporary relief from the pain. It was difficult to hold a heavy dish in my left hand for more than a few minutes—much less carry groceries or anything else. Within a few months of yoga with Satya, my left side had regained full strength. Since then, I continue to have full use of my left arm—something I never would have thought possible after 15 years of painful debilitation!  I have also recently taken classes with Ariel. As with Satya, his instruction has continued to increase my flexibility and strength. Although their styles of yoga instruction may differ somewhat, they both incorporate energy focus and breathwork which have helped me to achieve continuous positive results.
— Dorothy T.

Satya is more than a massage therapist—she's a healer!!  I first met Satya when my daughter raved about her and insisted I have her do a massage for me. My daughter wasn't exaggerating when she told me how wonderful Satya is and how much she could help me.  At 88 years old, I have my share of aches and pains, including neck and shoulder problems and sciatica. After a massage with Satya, the aches and pain are gone. And, since I can't go up and down stairs so easily any more, I appreciate the fact that she comes to my house to do my massage.  I have to say, too, that in addition to being a wonderful massage therapist, she is a delightful young lady. She has a very gentle and loving way about her.  I highly recommend a healing massage from Satya!!!   — Helen T.






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