Energy Healing

Energy Healing, Reiki & Energy Work

Energy Healing is a type of healing modality that works with the subtle energy body, it is a form of spiritual healing.  It is similar to Reiki or Energy Work and all other spiritual healing modalities which work on the energy body using healing crystals, life force, and universal energy.  

 chakra balancing

The subtle energy body is composed of many energy centers or chakras.  There are 7 major chakras and many smaller ones.  During an Energy Healing session, the energy body is first properly grounded and protected.  Then the 7 main chakras are opened and cleaned out, a chakra cleansing, removing or releasing any stress energy trapped within.  Then the chakra energy centers are charged and sealed, a chakra balancing.  Completing the chakra healing session with a protective energy coat around ones energy body. 


The effects are similar to a physical massage or doing a yoga claschakra healings.  However the client exerts no effort and comfortably lays on the table as the energy healing treatment progresses.  Most treatments take about 45 to 60 minutes, depending on how much the energy body is willing to release.  


If you are looking to experience this unique experience please contact Ariel.





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